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ABS, PP & PS Recyclates

Made from household and commercial plastic wastes with many sustainable benefits such as energy savings


Extends life of plastics with protective polyolefins from oxidative degradation

Bio-solvents Fat Acid Esters

Used to replace acetone and chlorinated solvents

Black Masterbatches NIR

NIR detectable and appropriate for all black plastics ranging from food packaging to industrial goods

Cleaning Compound

Saves material, time, maintenance and waste costs


Can be used with polar and unpolar materials to improve recyclability

Copolyester: PET & PETG (RIC1 Compatible)

Fully compatible with RIC1 and used to obtain recyclable packaging with end-of-life properties

Halogen-free Polyphosphonate Flame Retardants

Polymeric flame retardants that do not migrate out of plastics

MMA Adhesives

Stable, durable, and resistant materials that improve productivity and workability

MSP Polymers

Obtained through the combination of polyurethane and silicones to deliver multiple benefits

Natural Fibers Fabrics & Grids

Lightweight, high-performance natural fibre reinforcement grid suitable for high-performance applications with flax, balsa and jute

Processing Aid for WPC

Made from silicone copolymers combined with organic polymers that can be used in the production of wood-fiver composites to enhance the quality and boost the production process

Processing Aids

Delivers high value to polyolefin compounds such as improve flame retardant and mechanical properties, high resistance and low coefficient of friction

Recycled PE: Post Consuming PE/ALU/PAPER

PE obtained from recycled raw materials for IMM, extrusion and blow moulding

Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET)

Based on unsaturated polyester resins with mechanical properties, flexibility, and lighter weight