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Aluminium Honeycomb

Recyclable heet material containing hexagonal or rectangular shaped cells that can be recycled and used as a core material

Cardboard Honeycomb

Lightweight, resistant, rigid, and stable material that can be used in a variety of applications

Halogen-free Polyphosphonate Flame Retardants

Polymeric flame retardants that do not migrate out of plastics

Hybrid Foam: PU & PET

Available as an IPN polymer network with a high cross-linking degree, fine cellular structured foams and low-density foam

Lightweight PA & PP Alloy

Obtained from the combination of polyamide and polypropylene with a weight reduction of 7%

Lubricants, Plasticizers & Viscosity Depressants

High value, renewable and sustainable polymer additives for plastics applications with antistatic, antifogging and release agent properties

MMA Adhesives

Stable, durable, and resistant materials that improve productivity and workability

MSP Polymers

Obtained through the combination of polyurethane and silicones to deliver multiple benefits


High strength, low-density hollow glass microspheres made from soda-lime borosilicate glass

Microspheres: Recycled Glass

Light, solid glass spheres that serve as performance additives in plastics, resins, paints, varnishes, coatings, and building materials

Natural Fibers Fabrics & Grids

Lightweight, high-performance natural fibre reinforcement grid suitable for high-performance applications with flax, balsa and jute

PET Foam & Core Materials Balsa Wood

Composed of closed cells filled with 50-96% air allowing to create lightweight sandwich structures

PP Honeycomb

Recyclable, durable, economic and high quality, with a standard density of 80 kilogram per cubic meter

Recycled PET Foam (100%)

Recycled, durable, and suitable for composite sandwich structures

Semi-Aromatic Polyamides

Available as unfilled grades and reinforced grades

Virgin and Recycled Carbon Fibres

Chopped and milled carbon fibres with high bulk density value, high strength to weight and stiffness to weight ratios for high volume applications


Can be combined with different resins to create engineering plastics