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Making an impact: composite car seats for impact-resistance

Italian auto part and accessory company, Sparco is a world-leading producer of equipment for motorsports like racing, karting and gaming. And for these types of high-impact applications, the right car seat is paramount. For safety, for ergonomics, for performance. 


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In 2022, Sparco was looking for a new supplier of reinforcement materials to use in the moulding of its ergonomic seats for motorsports and gaming. They were seeking a lightweight, high-quality product that met all the regulatory requirements while reducing costs and carbon footprint. But while there’s a wide range of ply and seat materials available in the composites market, the solution was not easy to come by. Many competitors in Europe are manufacturing products that meet the interior design requirements of offices, conference rooms and stadiums. But Sparco was looking for something more innovative – something in line with the requirements of car manufacturers instead.  

A novel solution

Enter IMCD Italy with the winning solution: a polyolefin mat inside resin transfer moulding (RTM). This novel composite material is lightweight, flexible and durable without compromising on quality standards. The polyolefin mat is the optimum solution in terms of thickness and adhesion inside the mould. And the chosen material not only maintains the same high performance while reducing costs; it also has a lower carbon footprint while production times stay the same.  

Passing the test

Finding a product that has all these qualities and is impact-resistant requires innovative design and high-performing materials. Sparco has stringent requirements when it comes to impact resistance – and this polyolefin mat/RTM composite material fits the bill. This innovative solution not only complies with the customer production process but also meets the client’s impact-resistance targets.  

Collaborative process

Robert Wood, Market Manager Composite at IMCD Italy, cites strong collaboration as the secret to the project’s success: “We already had an active, long-standing collaboration with suppliers on both the technical and the commercial side. And we have an ongoing, collaborative relationship with Sparco. These two things combined were strong contributing factors to the great result of the project. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Sparco – their name is definitely a calling card in the world of motorsports!” 

Discover our Composite Solutions

Our team’s knowledge and expertise about composite materials were what informed the final choice when it came to Sparco’s requirements. And it’s knowledge we’re willing to share with all our clients. Are you looking for something specific for your next project? Contact our Advanced Materials team for advice.  
Robert Wood
Robert Wood

Sales & Product Manager, Advanced Materials
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Fast facts

IMCD Italy introduced a groundbreaking solution: a polyolefin mat used within resin transfer moulding (RTM). This composite material is not only lightweight, flexible, and durable but also meets quality standards. It offers the ideal balance in terms of thickness and adhesion inside the mould, ensuring high performance at reduced costs and a lower carbon footprint without affecting production times.

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