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Circularity Through Recyclability

Are you ready to join the circular economy?

Plastics play a pivotal role in modern society, providing essential materials for a wide range of applications. But environmental concerns mean increasing pressure to adopt sustainable materials and practices.

In this edition of our Trends Commentary series, we explore the challenges and opportunities of recyclability and circularity to meet the growing demand for climate-friendly products. With insights from our experts on the Circular Revolution.

In this edition...

'Closing the Loop' helps you understand the possibilities in recylability so you can make informed decisions about your production stream.
Choosing the right materials, recyclability
Choosing the right materials

Incorporating recycled content in your production stream is a crucial step towards reducing plastic waste and promoting a circular economy. So where do you begin? We have identified 5 stages for you to consider.

Life cycle assessment on mobile app
Life cycle assessment

An LCA provides a comprehensive and objective analysis of the full environmental impact of a product — from raw material extraction to end-of-life processing. How do you evaluate the full environmental impact of your products?

Recyclability by design, girl filling up a bottle of water
Recyclability by design

Challenges, opportunities, and key questions every designer needs to be asking. How do you design recyclability into every product and material?

Insights from the automotive sector
Insights from the automotive sector

The automotive sector accounts for 10% of plastics consumption In Europe. With six million vehicles reaching end-of-life every year, how is the industry meeting the challenge of maximising recycling — and what can we all learn from their efforts?

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