Celebrating individuality

Clarisse Majcherczyk, Business Unit Manager Personal Care at IMCD France and Dr. Laurent Blasco (PhD), Global Technical Director at IMCD Personal Care share their thoughts on what it  means to be truly transparent

What factors have contributed to consumer mistrust in the authenticity and effectiveness of personal care products?

Laurent: People who work in the chemical industries have been viewed with suspicion in recent years, for creating products that may be harmful to the environment or for human health. Now there is a growing trend for more natural alternatives to what chemistry can offer for product formulations, which are perceived as being safer for both environment and human health.


Clarisse: Today, brand comms take place largely online, and in personal care they have been hugely impacted by the rise of social media influencers, who are not always experts and may provide unsafe or damaging recommendations. It’s becoming more difficult for consumers to separate the specialists from the attention-grabbers.tailored solutions, crafted from our vast ingredient portfolio.

How can IMCD support personal care brands in their quest for transparency?

Laurent: The French writer Saint-Exupery said, “Perfection is achieved when there is nothing to remove.” Previously, chemists thought the more they added to their formulations, the more they could optimise functionality, but now the focus is on minimalism.

This is not only cosmetically elegant, but also reduces the environmental impact and the health risks which a product may otherwise create. The key is to get the balance right without compromising on function, which is where IMCD’s expertise lies. We support our customers in achieving the best results with the necessary amount and relevant selection of ingredients
How do you expect to see the ‘clean beauty’ trend evolve in the next few years?

Clarisse: Clean beauty won’t be considered a ‘trend’ in future, but instead will be seen as a core pillar and point of differentiation for personal care brands. Clean beauty as a concept is the beginning of the conversation, but it sparks a wider call to innovate.


Laurent: We talk a lot about ingredients in reference to clean beauty, but I expect the focus to shift towards packaging in the next few years. The challenge for our industry is that biodegradable packaging materials are often sensitive to water, so they can’t be used for aqueous cosmetics, as they won’t do the job of properly protecting the product. We are excited to work with our customers on solving such formulation challenges as they arrive, and to continue to find ways to innovate.