Close-Up Talks - #1 Biomimetics

Welcome to this first edition that explores the fascinating world of Biomimetics.

Three episodes to dive into this major trend, understand its profound impact on our industry and the ground-breaking solutions it offers.    Watch it now!

Episode 1 - Insights on the state-of-the art science & market trends 

Take a seat with our experts to learn more about the scientific principles behind biomimetics, consumer perception around this trends and examples of how it's illustrated on the market.

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Episode 2 - Unveiling biomimetic cosmetic ingredients

Our experts will discuss further the three approaches of Biomimetics in the cosmetic industry by illustrating this trend with actives and functional ingredients.

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Episode 3 - Formulating next-generation cosmetic products

Join Anne-Sophie Gardes, EMEA Regional Technical Director for a lab session to design a biomimetic skin care formulation.

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