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Close-Up Talks - Biomimetics

Welcome to this first edition that explores the fascinating world of Biomimetics.
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Beauty Studio experience

A one-of-a-kind journey to innovative and accelerated cosmetic product design.

Want to experience the 2D textures’ mapping of our new Beauty Studio in Paris and share a privileged moment with our technical team? 

beauty studio


Discover our 2 kits of prototypes coming straight from our brand-new Beauty Studio. Each kit includes 3 formulas all custom-made from the same starting chassis and each offering unique benefits and sensorial profiles, while targeting biomimetics trend as one of the multiple personalisation criteria:
Beauty Studio X BIOMIMETICS kit #1

- Second Skin Primer: a smooth refreshing cream strengthening the skin barrier thanks to skin-like vegetal molecules                    - Fresh Cell Energizer:  a sorbet-like cream with cell boosting anti-aging properties provided by a vegetal biomimetic skin nutrient                                - Shield & Rep'Hair Cream: a conditioning & protecting hair milk containing an active that mimics the hair barrier structure

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Beauty Studio X BIOMIMETICS kit #2

- Youth Revolution Cream: a fluid cream leaving a soft film after application with a skin-like vitamins complex providing powerful anti-wrinkle benefits     - Smoothing Milky Lotion: a nourishing milk containing skin-like active molecules ensuring skin barrier-repair functions.        - Skin Matrix Perfector: a light cream leaving a soft and rather matte after feel. Its active mimicking EGF mechanism fights saggy skin and reduce lines stretch marks

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Interested in the Biomimetics trend?

The Trends Commentary Active ingredients is now available!


Sensory Bar: an extraordinary sensory transformation formulation journey!

3 sensorial experiences designed from the same starting chassis:                                            - A smooth delicate refreshing skin cream          - A sorbet-like skin cream                                      - A conditioning & protecting hair milk.            An illustration of our brand-new Beauty Studio formulation service. 

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Formulation lab® session: Worry-free emulsification with Dekamulen Power'Feel!

Have you ever dreamed of a cold processed emulsion based on a COSMOS approved, naturally high performing polymeric emulsifier with an amazing silky skin feel? Dekamulen Power'Feel ready-to-use powder enables to provide light and "second skin" textures, a high spreadability, and a quick break effect, without any peeling.

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IMCD sustainable achievements with its partners: FFL certification & contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

Part of our commitment to specific UN Sustainable Development Goals, IMCD works with its partners for a healthy livelihood and a future-proof planet. 

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A brand new product catalog and “in-cos 2023 Gameplan” as well as prototypes series have been released during the show.

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Jan Dekker

The new active ingredient ActiWise CA has been unveiled at the show: 100 % natural derived from caffeic acid, this smart upcycled active helps reducing eyebag volume and suppressing dark circles.

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Nikkol Group

Just released from the show:                                - the active NIKKOL Lecinol MFL for pore size reduction and skin hydration improvement      - SunSation & Skin-to-hair concepts

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