Celebrate Japanese French beauty connections just like the Olympics going from Tokyo 2020 to Paris 2024

冷製美 (REI-SEI-BI) - Cold Process Beauty
2024 New Skin Care Collection 
designed by NIKKOL formulation experts 

冷製美 (REI-SEI-BI) - Cold Process Beauty

Inspired from the sustainable cosmetics craft. We set 3 aspects to achieve advanced sustainability.

1- Low carbonized process 
(Seek less heat but sensual textures)

2- Energy saving process
  (Easy to disperse/emulsify with less shear power)

3- Sustainably oriented source
(High natural content >95%, Rapid biodegradability,  RSPO palm)

Focus on Sustainable&Botanical Actives

Cold Grown Botanicals

Disperse Age Spots!
Japanese Angelica Root Extract BG-J
Harvested in Hokkaido, the north area of Japan. Thaws accumulated melanosomes and leads to even skin tone.
Clear Up Red Acne!
Saxifraga Stolonifera Extract (B)-BG
Endures under snow and grows as snow melts. Stops downward spiral of acne & mental stress.

Look Outside Booth Activities

Let's formulate 2 serums together!

April 16th 3:30pm-4:30pm

Touch & Feel Skin Care collection
Touch & Feel MakeUp collection
NIKKOL GROUP Sustainability Actions
NIKKOL GROUP Nikko Chemicals fosters next-gen technology for a sustainable society. We have set our dream to become a trusted company by our actions toward a circular society in our vision: NIKKOL 25 for 2030.