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Technical Expertise

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Shaping tomorrow's Beauty
At IMCD Beauty & Personal Care, we are committed to bringing new ideas and creating improved solutions that are truly customer-centric.
Supported by our in-depth knowledge of ingredients and formulations, we have a complete understanding of what you and your consumers need, whatever the market segment.
A "glocal" technical team at your service

Through our global network of 17 application laboratories and center of excellence around the world, we’re constantly developing new ingredient combinations and advanced cosmetic applications.


To further assist our customers and our suppliers, we provide on-demand formulation trainings, support and guidance, complete regulatory information and advices as well as innovative textures and concepts. 

We can also create sample prototypes for customers to experience the efficacy and sensory appeal of our solutions for themselves. We offer regular marketing and technical seminars, either on-line or on-site to inspire the creation of tomorrow's beauty.

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