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By Laurant and guests

Uncovering new generation of sunscreens for a beautiful future

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Making a positive impact on your shaved skin and on Brazilian communities

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Cream to oil to milk makeup remover

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beauty and personal care


At IMCD Beauty & Personal care, we are committed to solving your formulation challenges and creating healthy, convenient and sustainable solutions that are consumer trend-led and exceed all expectations.

Bring us your challenges

We are experts in the distribution of specialty food ingredients and flavours from the world’s leading manufacturers. We want to be the first in the market to anticipate and respond to the very latest consumer trends. To make this a reality, our specialists build a deep understanding of your requirements and bring our own insights to the table through the in-depth analysis of local market data, as well as a deep understanding of recipes, applications and processes.

Innovative and delicious products
We design formulations that will work in your local market, by drawing on our extensive portfolio of leading ingredients and flavours for your industrial food production needs. If you’re hungry for ideas, then our formulations and concepts will support you in developing innovative and delicious products.

If you have a question, contact us and find out how IMCD Food & Nutrition can deliver the best solution for your specific requirements
A world of delicious opportunities.
2020 was a turning point for Food & Nutrition businesses. The menu has changed, and the market environment is now more challenging. Understanding how to respond to trends and translating into real-life solutions requires the kind of perspective that can only be achieved through years of experience.

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Marc van Gerwen
Business Group Director

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