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High protein. Clean label. Plant-based. Consumers today are more conscious and curious than ever, yet still expect food and beverage products to be enjoyable to eat.

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In our new podcast, experts from our global team dive deep into the local impact of these global trends in a series of relaxed, informative discussions.

As we mark our 25th year, we’re proud to be able to share the insights that we have gained through over two decades of innovation and value creation. 

Over the coming months, technical and commercial experts from across IMCD will be guiding listeners through the most pressing topics in the ever-evolving speciality chemicals and ingredients industry.
Healthy inside out - Episode 1



Today’s consumers are more health-conscious than ever, but for many it’s a challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling work, family and social life. Globally, 74% of consumers have taken proactive steps to improve their health and wellness over the past year. From dietary fibres to plant-based proteins, people are on the lookout for convenient ways to fit more optimal nutrition into their busy schedules.


New food adventures - Episode 2



In the wake of COVID-19, consumers may have more time to devote to cooking, eating and exploring food – and are going online for inspiration. Categories are fusing and this adds a whole new dimension to the eating experience – with as many as 87% of people in India saying that they love to experiment with new food concepts. Consumers want food to be ‘fun’, but that doesn’t mean unsophisticated as they search for high-end, premium options with natural flavours and interesting texture profiles.


Conscious Living - Episode 3



Shoppers are increasingly aware of the social and environmental impact of their purchases and, for many ethically-minded consumers, plant-based products tick a lot of boxes. As flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets hit the mainstream, there is a growing need for formulation support to overcome the challenges associated with replacing staples like egg in a recipe.

Our expert speakers

Garry Turner

International Product Manager, IMCD UK

Fergus Johnson

Business Group Director MEAF, IMCD Food & Nutrition

Devin K. Chan

Vice President IMCD Food & Nutrition Americas

Yenny Widya

Business Director Food & Nutrition, IMCD Indonesia

Carissa Laurentia

Business & Marketing Manager Food & Nutrition, IMCD Indonesia

Jacqueline Grisotti

Sales Director for Food and Nutrition, IMCD US

Garry Turner, International Product Manager, IMCD UK
Our moderator, Garry Turner, describes himself as an interpersonal catalyst that combines strategy, people and culture expertise with international commercial experience. His food of choice is pizza – but for Garry, it’s usually a case of can’t cook, don’t often cook!

Fergus Johnson, Business Group Director MEAF, IMCD Food & Nutrition
Fergus is responsible for managing the relationships with our leading global suppliers, so that we’re able to offer the very best solutions to current and future consumer food trends. His favourite fact is that, calorie for calorie, there is more protein in broccoli than steak.

Devin K. Chan, Vice President IMCD Food & Nutrition Americas
Devin has almost 25 years’ experience in the food & nutrition team and currently leads our commercial teams for the Americas region. His focus is on delivering on-trend solutions to customers with excellent service and technical proficiency. His typical breakfast is peanut butter toast and bananas, with a dark roast coffee in the morning.

Yenny Widya, Business Director Food & Nutrition, IMCD Indonesia
Yenny supports food & beverage manufacturers in sourcing the ingredients they need, whether they’re looking to provide added functionality or nutritional values. As a mother to two young girls, Yenny juggles work alongside a happy family life – and enjoys her career in food.

Carissa Laurentia, Business & Marketing Manager Food & Nutrition, IMCD Indonesia

Carissa is collaborates closely with our technical team to develop exciting product concepts comprising of IMCD’s diverse ingredient portfolio. Helping our customers to generate on-trend solutions that are part of a consumer’s daily lives. Despite being born and raised in Indonesia, she can’t get enough of Italian food!

Jacqueline Grisotti, Sales Director for Food and Nutrition, IMCD US 
Jacqueline supports, guides and leads a team of sales professionals, focusing on driving sales and the overall growth of the Food and Nutrition business in North America. She loves experimenting with new recipes and cooks often, but only if she doesn’t have to clean!

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