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For a growing number of consumers, nutrition is becoming a central to healthy lifestyle. From proteins, to fibres, prebiotics and smart carbohydrates, people are looking to make better, healthier choices to boost immunity and improve physical and mental wellness.

At IMCD Food & Nutrition, we can help you to understand the trends driving the consumer purchasing decisions in the nutrition segment. We bring new ideas that will appeal to consumers ranging from early life nutrition, to busy adults focused on maintaining or losing weight or athletes looking to improve sports performance.

When developing products for sensitive groups, our approach has deep roots in regulatory validation and safety to ensure the most vulnerable consumers get all the nourishment they need. Our experienced team also supports our customers in innovating with dosage forms, so you meet the demand for convenient products that can be consumed on-the-go.

Our target populations include: Clinical Nutrition, Dietary Supplements, Infant Formula & Baby Food, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management. 

Bring us your challenges and together we can find the winning solution.

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