Trends and News from IMCD Beauty & Personal Care

Consumer behaviour changes, and so does the industry in accordance.

When Beauty mimics Nature

Ingredient manufacturers are increasingly focusing on biomimetics approach in the development of next generation cosmetic actives that meet the market demand.

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Petri boxes
Skin Care Microbiome Movement

Consumers have become more educated about how maintaining a well-functioning and balanced skin microbiome is essential for keeping a healthy skin.

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In Transparency We Trust  

Growing health concerns have led consumers to demand more transparency from brands and easy access to information so they can make informed choices.

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Experience Comes Alive

The role that stimulation and entertainment play in consumers decision-making is crucial in establishing powerful emotional connections to brands.

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Making a Positive Impact

Consumers are redefining value through the lens of the impact their purchases have on the world today that lead to a better future.

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Celebrating individuality

Today’s consumers want to be considered and respected for what makes them different, which is also what makes them special.

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“Tomorrow’s Beauty” is intended to be an inspirational guide featuring analysis and insights from IMCD business and technical experts