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Making a positive impact

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Conscious and Caring Beauty

Sustainability and ethics in beauty have become key priorities for consumers. Shoppers are keen to understand how cosmetic manufacturers plan to take a more sustainable and conscious approach in the long term.


Empowering Local Communities


IMCD offers a selection of sustainably sourced ingredients for cosmetic manufacturers who want to make a positive impact. These include a range of exotic oils and butters that are sourced directly through a local partner. In this way, we can contribute to improving the quality of life of the farmers, their families and local communities, while ensuring a fair price through the entire production supply chain. We also support our local partners by providing insights and training on how to sustainably preserve the biodiversity of the environment they live and work in

Our solution: Aftershave Caring Cream

Two sustainably sourced butters from local communities have been used to create our Aftershave Caring Cream. This daily facial care product for men is designed to restore the skin after shaving, and to soothe razor burn. It features a light texture that leaves the skin intensively moisturised, with a non-tacky feel after application. This formula has a Natural Origin Content of over 97% according to ISO 16128, which means it not only respects the skin but also the planet itself.



Expert Q&A

Anne-Sophie Gardes, Regional Technical Director EMEA and Stephane Lacoutiere, Global Marketing & Communication Director at IMCD Personal Care, explain how manufacturers can make a positive impact.


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