The virtuous circle of biomimetics Looking to the future by returning to the roots

Silvia Moretti, PhD, Technical Marketing Manager

Biomimicry shows us how to learn from the most successful examples in nature by unveiling its secrets and applying them to new technologies involving minimal resources, improving energy use, and upcycling waste material. It could seem easy to classify natural ingredients into one of the biomimetic pillars due to their vegetable origin but it isn’t. Nature should be not only a source of ingredients but, mostly, a source of inspiration. 

Liquid crystals are everywhere in nature, both in plants and in animals. They show the properties of a liquid and a crystalline solid. Inspired by the skin, GREENGREDIENTS developed liquid crystals emulsifiers which are able to create emulsions resembling the structure of skin stratum corneum in which the intracellular lipids form a lamellar structure made of ceramides, cholesterols and fatty acids. The amount of interlamellar water can reach high percentages and be immediately available upon application improving skin moisturization. Having become even more aware of nature's potentiality, we are conscious of the importance of having a biomimetic approach, for example working on a new preservative system learning from nature's ability to defend itself.