Laurent Blasco is a seasoned Global Technical Director and academic contributor with a three-decade career in the chemical, skincare, and pharmaceutical sectors. Currently, as the Global Technical Director for Personal Care at IMCD Group since June 2020, he leads teams and projects globally, focusing on innovative formulations. Concurrently, he holds an Honorary Professor position at the University of Warwick - WMG, contributing to the academic realm since February 2018.

Previously, he served as the Global Skincare Dermal Technical Manager at The Lubrizol Corporation, overseeing projects from 2013 to 2020. Notable contributions include his role as the Innovative Formulation Director at NAOS (Bioderma - Institut Esthederm - Etat Pur) and the Premium Skin Care and Sun Care Development Director, managing a development laboratory and leading teams in formulating over 800 products. His academic journey includes a PhD in Chemistry and Biology Interface from Montpellier University. Throughout, he has been a catalyst for innovation, strategic thinking, and collaborative leadership.