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Sustainable Solutions Launch

About the webinar 

Global consumers expect transparent communication about the products’ carbon footprint and the same performance as traditional formulations. Aware of this push for greener products, IMCD Coatings & Construction has developed the Sustainable Solutions programme.

In this talk, we show you how this one-stop-shop makes it easy for you to start the journey towards using sustainable solutions and build a greener, safer and more circular tomorrow.
Our approach makes it easy for you to: 

• Understand the trend of sustainability in our industry
• Work with reliable and resilient definitions
• Decomplexify the topic for ourselves and our partners
• Create value at our customers with a portfolio of sustainable solutions, formulations and sharing knowledge



About the presenters



Carola Duncan, Global Marketing Director Coatings & Construction


Carola Duncan is the Global Marketing Director of Coatings & Construction. She joined IMCD in 2018 and in her role, she in charge of the development of effective marketing concepts and powerful strategies. She is also the Sustainability Focal Point Coatings & Construction. Carola holds a MSc. in Business Administration and has over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Jerome Bollard, Technical Director Coatings & Construction


As a technical director, Jerome Bollard assesses the portfolio of our suppliers to identify the most sustainable products we can offer to our customers. He also leads the development of sustainable formulations in our global network of laboratories. Jerome joined IMCD in 2012 and holds a MSc in Chemistry.

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