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Trends Commentary 2023-2024 Insights Session

About the webinar 

Innovation requires a clear understanding of the trends that will shape the future of the coatings and construction industry. IMCD is shedding light on them by conducting a comprehensive global survey with its customers database to provide first-hand data and updated insights.

In this talk, we share with you how the megatrends are evolving and what formulations will be most relevant in the next two years.



About the presenters



Carola Duncan, Global Marketing Director Coatings & Construction


Carola Duncan is the Global Marketing Director of Coatings & Construction. She joined IMCD in 2018 and in her role, she in charge of the development of effective marketing concepts and powerful strategies. She is also the Sustainability Focal Point Coatings & Construction. Carola holds a MSc. in Business Administration and has over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Ana Almeida, Marketing Communication Specialist


Ana Almeida is the Marketing Communication Specialist at IMCD Coatings & Construction. She joined IMCD in 2020 and she is the link between the technical team and the market trends knowledge to bring to life a variety of relevant and engaging content. Ana holds a MSc. in Brand Management and Marketing Communications.