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How to speed-up the drying and curing time of coatings

Experts4Experts Recording

About the webinar 

Would you like to learn how to crack the code of your coatings formulation and achieve speed?

In this Experts4Experts Academy Talk, our presenter will explain the difference between drying and curing time and show possible reasons for slow drying and curing speed. 

He will also point out some possibilities to improve the drying and curing speed by adjusting the formulation’s raw materials, such as additives, fillers, binders and crosslinkers.

About the presenters


Dr. Jörg Schmitz, Technical Director EMEA,  Coatings & Construction, IMCD


Dr. Jörg Schmitz, Technical Director EMEA at IMCD Coatings & Construction. After studying chemistry, Schmitz completed a degree in paint engineering at the University of Paderborn and has since held positions in application technology and technical customer service at various paint raw material manufacturers. He joined IMCD Group in 2012 and since 2015 is the Technical Director EMEA. Since 2021 he is the lecturer of Coatings Technology in the University of Applied Science in Aachen.