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Formulate for speed: Improve your productivity!

What is productivity for you? Higher-line speed? Faster curing? Faster return to service? Faster batch processing? Whatever it is, we have the raw materials and formulations to increase the drying speed of your coatings!

Productivity is commonly defined as the ratio between output and input. 

In industrial and floor coatings more productivity means faster production or faster application and cure.

Even though a target for many, this topic has been a concern for coating producers and applicators. As the backlog of maintenance jobs is increasing, the demand for paint contractors and labour shortages are constraining their ability to satisfy that demand.

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Let’s look into the facts of productivity:

In 2020, infrastructure spending amounted to 3.9 trillion USD1. It is estimated to grow by 17 folds up until 2035 to reach a record high of 69.5 trillion USD. The increased infrastructure spending will further drive the demand for coatings2.

Typical ways of increasing productivity

Production Process

Faster batch processing time by using:

● Easier to disperse pigments
● Liquid pigment pastes

● Pre-dispersed fumed silica
● Liquid Thixotropes

Application Process

Reduce layers per application process by:

● Applying thicker films using formulations with much higher solids content
Curing Process

Faster drying speed of each layer by using:

● Faster physical drying binders
● Faster crosslinking curing agents
● Catalysts in higher dosage 
● Forced curing 

Several raw materials serve to increase productivity.

Discover what technologies to use and what tests we run at our laboratories to create fast formulations.

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Silane modified polymers

Switch from alkyd resins or acrylic emulsions to solvent-free silane modified polymers to achieve faster curing and better mechanical, chemical and corrosion resistance in 1K air drying industrial coatings.

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Moving from an amine-based curing agent to epoxy-siloxane helps reducing the number of coats needed while maintaining high corrosion resistance and outstanding weathering stability.

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           Formulations made simple


Changing your formulation might mean encountering some roadblocks on the way. Take the time to learn how to crack the code of your coatings formulation and get your questions answered during a live webinar. 

Unlock these benefits

faster curing icon
Faster curing 

Increase the curing speed to achieve faster return to service, outdoor or stack storage without damage.

reduced curing temperature icon
Curing temperature reduction

Use the right technology and increase the curing speed by reducing the energy required.

Faster batch processing icon
Faster batch processing

Incorporate easier and reduce post batch adjustment to achieve output increase and energy saving.

loyer reduction icon
Layer reduction

Reduce the number of layers necessary to achieve the right performance. Save time and money in your coating application.

Product Offering

Silane terminated polymers

Silres® BS 6920

Silres® BS 6920 based coatings provide fast-curing systems with excellent adhesion on wood, concrete, glass and metal (steel, aluminium), together with excellent salt spray performance. This solvent-free system can provide high-gloss appearance and has excellent UV reisistance for exterior applications.

SILRES® BS 6920 is a silane-terminated binder based on α-silane technology for the impregnation of mineral substrates or as a thin layer coating for mineral substrates. SILRES® BS 6920 is a transparent, low viscosity binder.


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Silicone Resins for epoxy siloxane coatings

SILRES® HP 2000 and HP 2020

Epoxy coatings combine excellent adhesion-strength and chemical resistance with outstanding corrosion protection. However, their resistance to sunlight has been inadequate so far. In outdoor applications, the UV component of sunlight damages the film and causes severe chalking.


Now a solution is available: SILRES® HP 2000 and HP 2020 impart unique weathering stability to epoxy coatings.


SILRES HP 2000 and HP 2020 represent an aminofunctional, methyl phenyl silicone resin solution.


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Silicone resins for heat resistant coatings for metal


Heat-resistant coatings based on conventional silicone resin solutions dry to a tack-free coating film solely due to physical evaporation of the solvent. The first time the film is heated, it initially re-softens before the onset of curing at 200 °C. Usually, undesirable smoking occurs too. With SILRES® MSE 100 binder, these problems are a thing of the past.

The advantages of SILRES MSE 100:
• Smoke-free baking
• Drying due to chemical reaction with humidity, with a catalyst present
• Drying speed adjustable by means of catalyst type and amount
• Solvent-free (> 99% solids content)*

SILRES MSE 100 is the methyl ester of a mixture of different oligomeric methylsilicates. It is a methoxyfunctional methyl polysiloxane.


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1Global Infrastructure Hub


3 McKinsey
4 Accenture