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Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions is a one-stop shop that simplifies the sustainability approach for our customers

IMCD focuses on sustainability so that you can:


  • Understand this trend in your industry
  • Work with reliable and resilient definition
  • Approach this topic in a simple and practical manner
  • Find a carefully-selected portfolio of sustainable products and formulation
  • Develop more sustainable formulations with our help

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Our mission is to enable our partner's journey towards using sustainable solutions and build a greener, safer and more circular tomorrow together

Our Sustainable Solutions

Selecting the right materials is a crucial step in the path to sustainability, but we recognise it can be quite complex. We organise our materials into categories so you can easily find what you are looking to achieve your goals.
Wind power
Productivity & Energy Savings

These materials are reducing the need for energy and resources by speeding up manufacturing or application processes or through properties that deliver energy savings in the end use.

Circular & Renewable

These raw materials enable circularity through being are based on renewable resources, mass balance concepts, bio-based, recycled or waste materials.

Durability & Maintenance

These materials allow to increase the lifetime of the final formulation through better performance and reducing maintenance that help to save resources over the lifetime of the finished product.

Material Efficiency

These raw materials achieve the same or better performance with less resources through increasing active ingredients, volume solids or the performance of the final formulation.

Emissions & Waste

These raw materials allow to reduce or eliminate emissions and waste through increasing shelf life, helping to achieve a lower carbon footprint as a result.

Health & Safety

These raw materials are safer to use by eliminating hazardous substances or enable the formulation of safer products through replacing substances of concern.

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Meet our team for sustainability

Carola Duncan | Global Marketing Director Coatings & Construction

Carol Duncan is the global focal point for the business group in the Sustainable Solutions team. She holds a MSc. in Business Administration and has over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Jerome Bollard | Technical Director Coatings & Construction

 Jerome Bollard assesses the portfolio of our suppliers to identify the most sustainable products we can offer to our customers. He also leads the development of sustainable formulations in our global network of laboratories. Jerome joined IMCD in 2012 and holds a MSc in Chemistry.

Josselin Hubert | Sales & Product Manager - Construction

Josselin Hubert takes care of the French construction market as Sales & Product Manager. He has expertise in the construction industry as well as his insights on carbon footprint reduction.

Annika Gavinelli | Sales Manager Inks, Germany

Annika Gavinelli plays a central role in Germany's sustainability efforts, focusing on enhancing the local product portfolio and bridging the gap with the sales teams. With a background in Business Administration, Annika boasts nearly ten years of valuable experience within the IMCD organization.

Paul Armistead | Business Manager Coatings & Construction NZ

Paul Armistead is responsible for Product Management and Account Management looking after our principals. In the Sustainable Solution team, Paul shares his commercial view. Paul has a chemistry degree and over 35 years’ experience in both technical and production in coatings.

Kate Fix | Regional Sales Manager West US

Kate Fix shares her US point of view in the Sustainable Solutions Team. Kate was formerly a Technical Account Manager and has 11 years’ experience in coatings development, technical service, and sales. She holds a BSc. in Chemistry and an MBA focused on Innovation, Change, and Entrepreneurship.

Claus Bender | Business Analyst Coatings & Construction

Claus Bender plays the role of optimising data management for our sustainable products portfolio, ensuring the availability of selected product information to our sales team through our digital tools. He has dedicated over two decades of his career to IMCD.

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