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Technical Expertise

As a customer of IMCD Coatings & Construction, you will be supported by our global team of technical experts.

At our multi-functional laboratories, we can collaborate to help drive and evolve your formulations. 

Together, we co-create to find the most innovative solutions and ensure your business stays ahead of the curve. 

We are ready to offer you formulation advice, guidance on how to optimise the performance of products and provide troubleshooting assistance whenever you need it. Our unique customer support service also includes lab and application training for special technologies. Guided by our IMCD Technical Team, customers can learn more about formulation development through hands-on lab trials to apply and test new materials.

IMCD Coatings & Construction has multiple laboratories, situated in key locations across the globe and made up of application laboratories, testing facilities and training sites.

Coatings & Construction

Our laboratories

Our customers are also invited to join our Experts4Experts seminars and webinars. Organised by IMCD together with our principal suppliers, our aim is to bring the industry experts together to introduce innovations and share insights on formulation excellence. 
IMCD Coatings Academy

We value our people and continuously invest in their training and development. The IMCD Coatings Academy is our global training programme and equips our sales team with the knowledge and formulation expertise they need to assist you most effectively.

Experts4Experts Academy
Our Experts4Experts Academy is an online learning platform that equips you with invaluable knowledge on the coatings and construction industry. Whatever your level is, our fully-designed training programme is now accessible for you. Elevate your career and stay ahead of industry trends through our academy!

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