Coatings Academy

Broad knowledge & formulation expertise

Excellence in experience, the Coatings Academy is a global training program applying their absorbed theory in a real laboratory setting.

In 2014, the Coatings & Construction Technical Team started the Coatings Academy, a global training program that provides our Sales Team and other Business Group employees with the broad knowledge and formulation expertise they need to assist our customers and suppliers effectively. 

Traditionally, the Coatings Academy was a classroom-based training. It provided our people with the practical side of the business and allowed applying their absorbed theory in a real laboratory setting.

The Coronavirus pandemic forced us to come up with a viable alternative. Since then we have transformed this program onto a Digital Campus.

Our Coating training is the unifying factor to fit in the different evolution paths.

Our Coatings Basics training is aimed to elevate everyone’s knowledge from a beginners’ point in the topic of raw materials (Pigments and fillers, Additives, Paints, etc.). This training like all academy modules follows an evolution path format and fits newcomers but also others who want to refresh their knowledge.

The “How to Formulate” modules educate Sales Experts on how to solve a particular issue with a Coatings and/or Construction application. Because each module shows one independent topic everybody can follow their topic preference.

"Coatings Academy is a great technical update for salesforce. They bring our teams to the top of knowledge and allow the best advice when meeting customers. It is a large program where both old buddies and newly recruited find their interests." -Claude Delabaye - BU Manager, Coatings & Construction France

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