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Formulating high-quality cementitious tile adhesives


30 mins

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Why you should attend?

Cementitious tile adhesives are used to bond tiles to surfaces in construction, ensuring stability and durability. They consist of cement, aggregates, and additives for enhanced performance.

Cement is pivotal in CO2 reduction. Nonetheless, reducing its content can compromise the performance of the cementitious formulations.

In this course, we will show how you can use different raw materials to accomplish different performance parameters and formulate high-quality cementitious tile adhesives.

Main topics:


  • The different cementitious tile adhesives variants, standards, and approvals.
  • What additives influence each performance parameter.
  • Formulation principles.

Who should attend?

Formulators of cementitious tile adhesives, aiming for high-quality formulations that meet current market demands.

Applicators of cement tile adhesives, willing to keep an eye on formulation developments and understand performance requirements.

Everyone with an interest in cementitious tile adhesives, seeking to comprehend parameters and formulations.

About the speaker

Dr. Olaf Hetche is the Global Technical Manager Construction at IMCD Group heading the construction laboratory network and technical support. He joined IMCD in 2012 with techno-commercial responsibility for construction chemicals in Germany. In 2015 he added a European Business Development role to his responsibilities, focussing on enhancing IMCD’s product portfolio in construction chemicals. Olaf holds a Ph.D. in Organometallic Chemistry & Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Darmstadt.
Dr. Olaf Hetche

Technical Manager Construction Global

Areas of expertise

Construction chemistry, cement formulation, additives, functional fillers


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