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Introduction to Printing Inks


40 mins

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Why you should attend?

In our vibrant, modern life printing inks play a big role. They bring information, art, and communication to tangible form through books and packaging shaping the way we access and interact with information. Despite their significance, these essential materials often go unnoticed. 

This course introduces the printing ink industry and the diverse printing technologies that underpin it. Moreover, it serves as a starting point for comprehending the fundamental concepts behind the composition and formulation of various types of inks.  

By the end of this course, you will have gained insights into the printing ink market and the colourful world of ink formulations.  

Main topics:


  • Printing technologies 
  • Offset Printing 
  • Flexo and Gravure Printing 
  • Inkjet & Digital printing 
  • Printing Ink Formulation 

Who should attend?

Formulators of printing inks, aiming to understand other printing technologies and formulations 

Packaging experts
willing to increase their knowledge around printing technologies and ink formulations 

Printers and printshop workers,
willing to keep an eye on formulation developments and understand performance requirements. 

with an interest in printing inks, seeking to comprehend better the world of graphic arts 

About the speaker

Jerome Bollard, manages the Coatings & Construction’s laboratory network while overseeing the technical team. His primary focus is on building a strong international technical network that supports the development of formulations in line with global industry trends and needs. Jerome joined IMCD in 2012 and holds a MSc in Chemistry.
Jerome Bollard 

Technical Director Coatings & Construction

Areas of expertise

  • Offset printing
  • UV technology
  • Pigments and carbon blacks
  • Additives for coatings and inks  


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