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An excellence centre that combines our global knowledge with local expertise

Since its foundation in 2003, the laboratory has been working in water-borne coatings and printing inks formulations. It counts with an experience in more than 20 water-borne applications, including many niche markets, such as printing inks for packaging and RFID technology. Located in Shanghai, this facility is focused on serving the industrial coatings, screening printing and technical textile coating markets.

How we can support you

At our laboratory in Shanghai, we help our customers achieve their formulation and assist our principals in promoting their products  with our global network and various equipment.

Core competencies

  • Formulation advice
  • Trouble shooting / technical service
  • Optimise / customise / tailor formulation
  • Evaluate application properties
  • Guide / package formulation development

Major Equipment


  • Versatile sand-milling dispensing-agitator / Basket Mill
  • Brookfield viscometer
  • Solvent rub resistance
  • Pendulum hardness
  • Taber abrasion
  • Leather flex resistance
  • Screen printing plate



  • Industrial coating (including wood coating, plastics coating, metal coating)
  • Paper and film coating
  • Screen printing ink
  • Leather finish
  • Technical textile coating

We have supported formulation needs
for the following:

Our Team

Our experienced technical experts are ready to fully support our best-in-class principals to extend their services and to support our customers in product development, create formulations and find solutions.
Naihong Yang

Naihong Yang

Technical Director - Coatings and Construction North Asia

Graduated from Nanchang Hangkong University of metal anticorrosive & protection,
Naihong Yang holds more than 25 years of  working experience in coatings industry and her service areas covers plastic coatings,ink,glove coatings,wood coatings,general industry coatings,etc.

Amos Liu

Lab Manager - Coatings and Construction China

Graduated in Polymer Science. As the lab manager of IMCD Shanghai Yuanhe Chemicals, Amos has been working in the coatings and printing inks industry since 1997. As an experienced technologist, he has provided solutions and technical support for several important projects in the field of coatings and printing inks.

 Lab Manager Amos Liu

Lab Application Engineer Willy Ye

Willy Ye

Application Engineer - Coatings and Construction China


Willy is graduated with a degree in Chemistry, Formulation, Quality & Analysis. He joined IMCD’s team in 2015 after working in the coatings and inks industry since 2012. He is an expert in industrial and plastic coatings formulation and application.

Denny Deng

Lab Chemist - Coatings and Construction China

Denny graduated from East China University of Science and Technology majoring in polymer science and has been working in the coating industry since 2012. He specialises in polyurethane colour matching and water-based industrial coatings.

  Lab Chemist Denny Deng

Lab Chemist Jerry Sun

Jerry Sun

Lab Chemist - Coatings and Construction China


Jerry is graduated with a bachelor's degree of Marketing. He joined the team in 2021 and has experience in coatings and textile. Currently his job is focused on textile application.

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