Coatings & Construction

Welcome to the “City of Tomorrow”

IMCD Virtual Event | 22, 24 & 25 March 2021

Explore with us what the "City of Tomorrow" holds

Committed to inspiring innovation in the Coatings and Construction industry, IMCD will host its first European virtual event City of Tomorrow on 22, 24 and 25 March.

We are inviting you to enter our 3D city and listen to our Experts4Experts Talks to gain insights on improving your formulations. In the City of Tomorrow you can browse the latest innovations from our partners and find IMCD's most recent formulations.

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  • Event created in an online platform
  • Accessible through a weblink
  • Visitors interact in a virtual environment similar to a personal experience
  • Includes meeting sessions and webinars
  • Contains interfaces where visitors find products and formulation solutions details

Look and Feel

It is the first room that will welcome you to this virtual experience. Here you can access the agenda of the event and choose the next areas to visit.
Innovation Shops
With the intent to make you feel in a shopping centre, you will be able to find here the latest products from our partners depending on your needs.
Meeting Space
Designed to be the area where you can schedule meetings with IMCD, this intimate and cosy bar is open to receive you.
This is the area where a big floating stage will receive our presenters and where you can listen to the Experts4Experts Talks. To know more about the agenda for the talks, check below.

Live Experts4Experts Talks - Get inspired by IMCD

22 March - Experts4Experts Academy Talks

Join us to share expertise about how to improve formulations. In the Experts4Experts Academy Talks, you will get insights on how to optimise your paints, coatings, and cementitious materials formulations.

24 March - Experts4Experts Solutions Talks

Learn about what drives product development today and discover our formulation solutions for Industrial Coatings and Decorative Paints.

25 March - Experts4Experts Solutions Talks

Learn about what drives product development today and discover our solutions for Construction formulations. Join our talk about IMCD's new tool to help manufacturers find the latest sustainable solutions for their formulations fast and easily. 

The event is on! 

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