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Keep up to date with what is happening. From tradeshows to talks and podcasts you will discover a list of events where you can find us and interact with us.

The coatings and construction industry is constantly evolving, and so is our market knowledge.


Participating in tradeshows and organizing Experts4Experts Talks is what makes us reach you with the most recent formulation solutions.


Join the events and find how we can help you in creating your next future-focused formulations that respond to the evolving market needs of tomorrow.


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september 2021

Middle East Coatings Show

Experts4Experts Talks

Coming soon

Our customers are invited to join our Experts4Experts Talks. Organised by IMCD together with our principal suppliers, our aim is to bring the industry experts together to introduce innovations and share insights on formulation excellence.

Customer Seminars

Coming soon

We invite our principal suppliers to show how their products can help to solve specific problems from our customers. In these sessions our customers can also have 1 on 1 talks with our principal suppliers to discuss practical tips and share valuable insights.

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