IMCD presents formulations for City of Tomorrow at Abrafati 2023

Abrafati Show
São Paulo, Brazil
November 21 - 23
Formulations for the City of Tomorrow

IMCD Coatings & Construction offers a broad portfolio of specialty raw materials to improve the performance and durability of industrial coatings, automotive paints, decorative paints, printing inks, construction, industrial flooring, road marking paints, adhesives and sealants.

In IMCD Brasil, we operate two application laboratories, one dedicated to coatings and the other to construction. Within these facilities, we create formulations that align with future market trends and respond to our customers' needs. Our approach involves a strong collaboration with our suppliers and their best-in-class products, combined with our technical expertise and commitment to sustainable growth and efficiency

This way, we formulate with conscience and execute with care as we work to “formulating today for the City of Tomorrow.

Meet the Coatings & Construction Laboratory in Brazil

Our laboratories, based in São Paulo, offer the support you need:
Formulation guides
Analytical tests
Tailor-made formulations

Check out what's new from IMCD at Abrafti Show 2023

21st century challenges, such as the expansion and modernization of infrastructure, require the coatings and construction markets to develop innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions. IMCD is committed to this movement to create solutions that respond to the future needs, together with its business partners. This edition of Abrafati will feature projects developed in our laboratories, highlighting the use of high-performance specialties for the printing, automotive, furniture, road marking and construction paint markets.

Explore the products and formulations that will be presented

  • Curing accelerators 

  • Surface agents 

  • Matting agents 

  • Water-repellent agents 

  • Defoamers and deaerants

  • Polyethylene waxes 

  • Dispersants and humectants 

  • Pigment dispersions 

  • Functional minerals

  • Rheological modifiers

  • Pigments 

  • Effect pigments 

  • Polymers 

  • Adhesion promoters 

  • High-performance resins and crosslinkers 

  • Water retainers 

  • Silicas 

  • Superplasticizers


                                            …and much more!

Meet our Experts:

Ricardo Franze

Diretor de Coatings & Construction e Advanced Materials na América do Sul

Debora Zago

Gerente Líder Principal, Coatings & Construction

Vivian Borges

Gerente Técnica, Coatings & Construction

Odair Teixeira

Sales Manager, Construction