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Food & Nutrition

We are committed to solving your formulation challenges and creating healthy, convenient and sustainable solutions that are consumer trend-led and exceed all expectations.

With over two decades of experience as a distributor of specialty food ingredients and flavours for the world’s leading manufacturers and formulators, we help brands anticipate and respond to trends that are making waves in their industry. To make this a reality, our specialists build a deep understanding of your requirements and bring our own insights to the table through an in-depth analysis of local market data, as well as an extensive knowledge of recipes, applications and processes.
Market Segments
Our specialist teams are organised by segment and focus on the creation of forward-thinking formulations that give your business a real competitive advantage. We design formulations that will work in your local market,  drawing on our extensive portfolio of leading ingredients and flavours to meet your industrial food production needs.
Insights Library

Developed by our food experts, the Insights Library materials will guide you in the development of innovative and delicious food and nutrition products.


Listen to podcasts, download our concepts infographics and prototype brochures, and read our inspiring stories.

25+ Years of Value Creation

Together with our customers and suppliers, we continuously drive innovation. We support food manufacturers in producing high-quality and delicious food products.

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Technical Expertise

Our food experts support the development of innovative solutions that are consumer trend-led and exceed all expectations.

Whether you are looking to overcome a formulation challenge or create more efficient processes, we work side-by-side with you at a local level to create the winning recipe for your unique business.

Product Offering

We offer an extensive range of top-quality functional and specialty ingredients and flavours.

Whether you are looking to innovate, enhance the nutritional properties of an existing product, improve taste, modify texture, reduce cost, extend shelf life or increase production efficiency, we have the ingredients and the expertise to overcome any formulation challenge.

“Our market is changing fast as consumers prefer healthier, more sustainable and clean-label food and beverages. By continually developing new product concepts using our four pillars of taste, texture, nutrition and functional ingredients, we inspire our customers to develop new products in response to these consumer trends.”

Marc van Gerwen

Business Group Director
Food & Nutrition

Food & Beverage Trends

At IMCD, we dig deep into the trends that are shaping the global food and nutrition industry. We use these insights to help craft innovative formulation solutions using our high-quality product portfolio of ingredients and flavours.

Discover the latest plant-based trends.

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