Food & Nutrition - 25 YEARS

A world of delicious opportunities.

2020 was a turning point for Food & Nutrition businesses. The menu has changed, and the market environment is now more challenging. Understanding how to respond to trends and translating into real-life solutions requires the kind of perspective that can only be achieved through years of experience.

At IMCD, in our 25th year, we celebrate how far we’ve come and the partnerships that contribute to our success.

Driven by a collective entrepreneurial spirit and the expertise of our talented teams around the world, our food ingredient solutions are shaped by the demands of the consumer and supported by our compelling portfolio.

In just two decades, we have become a leading global formulator and distributor that has an extensive footprint in territories across the globe. We want to take this opportunity to thank our broad network of suppliers and customers for all their support and valuable partnership.

Our teams of experts at IMCD are constantly watching the development of cultural change and finding smart solutions along the way. As we look ahead, we invite you to get in touch to learn more about our story. Explore our website aimed to inspire the next generation of innovation.

Ready to uncover the trends set to define the food, beverage and nutrition landscape in 2021?
IMCD is launching its first Food, Beverages  & Nutrition Trends Commentaries. From healthy convenience and on-the-go products, to plant-based and sustainable living, we`ll get to the root of what consumers are really looking for to explore and how their evolving needs can be translated in your next business opportunities for you.
Food & Nutrition Vegan Burger Infographic
Every day is burger day with this delicious vegan burger
Our latest Clean & Green Meat Free Burger concept demonstrates how our knowledge and expertise can help you answer the growing demand for meat substitutes. Our delicious Guilt- Free Burger has plenty of health benefits, and is irresistible to even meat-lovers.
Innovative ideas for your brewing process
Consumers are enjoying experimenting with the new tastes offered by speciality beers. At IMCD, we use our extensive knowledge of malt extracts, natural flavours and brewing with alternative grains to support you in creating new beer innovations. Beyond ingredients, we also offer solutions to optimise filtration, fermentation and stablisation and advise on how best to reach your sustainability targets.

25 Years of Value Creation

Together with our customers and suppliers, we continuously drive innovation by supporting food manufacturers to produce high quality and delicious food products.

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Join IMCD Food & Nutrition Virtual Event

Welcome the Future's Menu!

During the 9th and 10th of December, we will discuss what drives new product development today, considering global consumer trends from unique local perspectives. Explore our most recent food and beverage concepts in our 3D virtual lab where IMCD experts will share insights to support you in crafting products which meet consumer and end-user needs – today and tomorrow. 

Explore & more to come… 

IMCD Trends Commentary

IMCD Trends Commentary responds directly to market needs, helping our customers rise to the challenge of meeting consumer expectations, even as they evolve.

Download Trends Commentaries
Food & Nutrition Vegan Burger Infographic
Delicious vegan burger

Our latest Clean & Green Meat-Free Burger concept demonstrates how our knowledge and expertise can help you answer the growing demand for meat substitutes.

Download vegan burger infographic
Innovative ideas for speciality beers

Consumers are enjoying experimenting with the new tastes offered by speciality beers.

Download beer infographic
Podcast – Discover the answers

What does healthy living mean to diverse shoppers? How can brands make food fun again? Where can we find a balance between comforting indulgence and responsible consumption? Discover the answers in this episode.