Brewing can be more sustainable and cost-efficient

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At IMCD, we use our extensive knowledge of malt extracts, natural ­flavours and brewing with alternative grains to support you in creating new beer innovations. Beyond ingredients, we also offer solutions to optimise filtration, fermentation and stabilisation and advise on how best to reach your sustainability targets.

IMCD & Kerry 

In partnership with Kerry, a primary manufacturer of specialty brewing ingredients for more than 50 years, we can help you to find the best solution to improve sustainability during the production process while simultaneously decreasing costs.

Innova Market Insights found in 2019 that 89% of global consumers expect companies to invest in sustainability. 

A strong focus on sustainability can be a key differentiator for brewers in today's ultra-competitive environment. But how can you best implement sustainable practices that also contribute to your business?

Lowering the net impact of raw materials, individual brewing process stages, and waste production/disposal are the main solutions. To make it more tangible, you can easily customize how these solutions could work for your brewery by using the Kerry calculator.

Reach your sustainable and financial goals with the support of IMCD and Kerry portfolio

Discover solutions:

Is a natural solution for wort clarification in brewing.

  • Improves trub compaction
  • Increases extract yield/reduces yield losses
  • Reduces wort losses with brighter/cleaner worts
  • Increases beer volume in the maturation tank
  • Increases filter run length and reduces filter aid consumption - both by up to 50%
  • Reduces CIP - up to 10% 
  • Reduces filter pressure

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Discover some of IMCD specialty beers

IMCD’s specialty beer concepts have been developed to meet the latest market trends. This means, no additives, no ingredients of animal origin, gluten-free, clean label and more.

Blonde Ale 

Our Blonde Ale has a fruity taste with a mild malt sweetness to it. This beer is easy to drink and has a light body.

Dark Ale 

Our Dark Ale has a round full taste with caramel and malty notes. It is slightly more hoppy than our light-coloured ales.


Our stout has a soft roasted maltiness with coffee notes and a balanced bitterness.

Black IPA

IPA is one of the most loved beers by consumers these days. Answering the consumer trends, IMCD developed a great tasting clean label and gluten-free version.