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Ice cream is nothing more than a purely indulgent experience, but how about keeping that experience while being more sustainable and healthier? Discover our solutions!

Market Trends 
for ice cream:
Healthy & Sustainable

  • According to Innova Market Insights, indulgence is a key factor for consumers when purchasing and consuming ice cream. Therefore, when developing a new ice cream product, the combination of flavours and texture can be freely explored to achieve delicious product profiles.

  • Sugar reduction still plays an important role in this category as consumers want to enjoy guilt-free experiences.

  • The plant-based movement is here to stay, as consumers are more and more attentive to healthy and conscious eating. Non-dairy alternatives are becoming mainstream while delving into new creations, of flavors, textures, and formats.

*Innova Market Insights, 2022 - Category Insider: Ice cream Dairy and Dairy Alternatives

Discover our ice cream concepts

At IMCD, we use our expertise and laboratories to improve recipes to a healthier and sustainable level, maintaining the flavour and texture experience.

Nutritionally Improved Ice Cream​

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Oat-based​ Pistachio Ice Cream

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Rice-based Frozen Dessert

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Low Sugar Very Peri Sorbet

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High Protein & No Added Sugar

High Protein & No Added Sugar Ice Cream

This ice-cream has a great sweetness profile with no added sugar claim. It is low in carbohydrates and high in protein and fibre, being able to fit in diets like KETO. The protein enhancement helps in the repair of body tissues and reduces the chance of muscle degeneration. The high fibre is a great ally for gut health.

All the health benefits are combined in a delicious biscuit taste while assuring its great texture and "scoopability".