Macaroon type biscuit

Wrap yourself up in this indulgent (and guilt-free) experience! 

A delicious set of macaroon biscuits with exciting flavour combinations and a healthier, sugar-reduced, and fiber-enriched profile.

Concept Highlights

30% less sugar when compared to a standard biscuits or fat filling

Fiber enrichment > 9 g / 100g finished product.

Amazing colours and indulgent taste profiles

Feature Functionalities of Vegan Cake Burger

  • Alpha-dextrin – Clean Label, functional, vegan-friendly soluble fiber
  • Fructooligosaccharides – Soluble fibre for sugar reduction, enhancing the nutritional profile
  • Enzymes – Maltogenic amylase, with anti-stalling properties, improves shelf-life of the final cake
  • Emulsifiers – Pre-activated emulsifiers for improving crumb structure and volume     
  • Starches – Clean label starches for cake structure optimization.