Maternity Treats

A fun and delicious way to increase nutrition intake during pregnancy

Tasty gummies to increase nutrition intake and boost the overall health of mothers and coming babies.

Market Insights

According to Innova Global Trends Report, consumers have been challenging confectionary manufacturers in bringing more functional products to the market while still ensuring shelf-life, texture, and flavour integrity. 

The Maternity Treats are fortified gummies with nutritional ingredients that benefit both mother and fetus while being a delicious treat. The concept has a delightful sensory appeal and taste that makes easy ingestion during pregnancy.


Concept Highlights

Enriched with GOS for gut health with additional benefit of increasing calcium and iron absorption

Contains DHA which is crucial for the fetus's brain and eye development

Contains an array of vitamins that includes folic acid, iodine, and vitamin D3 that provide essential nutritional benefits to both mother and fetus

Feature Functionalities of Maternity Treats

An oligosaccharide with a positive effect in gastrointestinal health. GOS increases the iron absorption from a supplement.