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Plant-Based Oat Drinks

Delicious and sustainable solutions

Discover four different oat drinks that satisfy consumers' thirst for joining the plant-based movement without compromising on pleasure.

Market Insights

According to a report carried out by Mintel, from 2015 to 2019, the beverage sector is responsible for 30% of product launches with a vegan and/or no animal products claim on pack. Consumers have been looking for milk alternatives that have similar characteristics in taste, texture, and function.

In partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers, IMCD has solutions that enrich nutritional value, improve texture, and add mouthfeel.

Concept Highlights

Enzymatic treatment of oat flour to achieve desired sweetness profile

Great tasting and good looking concepts

Pleasant mouthfeel with the use of gellan gum

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Feature Functionalities

  • Oat Flour – Heat treated very fine oat flour
  • Enzymes – Processing aids for liquefaction of starch and saccharification of dextrins
  • Gellan Gum – High-performance gelling agent to achieve a rich body, pleasant mouthfeel, and suspension of particles such as calcium and fiber.