Sweet Three with a Healthy Twist

A delicious and healthy bite

A delicious and healthy bite with a crunchy texture that adds joy to your daily routine.

Market Insights

Consumers are looking for a healthy balance for their minds and body. With busy agendas and uncertain routines, the struggle to find healthy and convenient bite options remains.

As the name suggests, the sweet three brings three different flavours for a ready-to-eat bite. For a healthy twist, the Sweet Three is high in protein and fibre with a slow-release of carbohydrates. As a final touch, a delicious crunchy texture with fruits or caramel pieces can be added. These snacks will give consumers a guilt-free moment of pleasure during the day. 

Concept Highlights

Improved nutrition: high protein & high fibre

Contains a slow-release sugar for a prolonged energy supply

Visually appealing, with a crispy texture & indulgence taste

Feature Functionalities of Sweet Three with a Healthy Twist

Extruded product made from wheat gluten and flour. It contains 65% proteins and a neutral taste. Enables to produce high protein cereal bars with crunchy and/or chewy texture.