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Health and convenience drive purchasing decisions for consumers in the dairy and dairy alternatives market. With IMCD Food & Nutrition as your partner, you have access to a wide range of functional ingredients. Sourced from the world’s leading suppliers, our portfolio helps meet consumer demands for high-quality, clean-label, and plant-protein options, while still maintaining optimal taste and texture.
Our expert team has vast product development experience, from indulgent desserts and ice creams to lactose-free sugar-reduced dairy drinks and delicious plant-based alternatives. Whether you’re looking to enhance health claims, improve taste or texture, promote sustainability or optimise cost, IMCD can help you overcome challenges and deliver great consumer experiences.

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Vegan Parmesan Cheese

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Cheese & Cheese Analogues
Dairy Drinks & Milk
Desserts & Puddings
Fermented Products & Yoghurt
Ice Cream & Frozen Novelties
Milk Powders & Whiteners


Non-Dairy Cheese Platter Infographic

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Ice Cream Infographic


Good for the gut: Adding sugar-free and prebiotic benefits to vegan yogurt products

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