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Savoury & Meat Alternatives

IMCD Food & Nutrition can help your business create food products that people will return to again and again. Our team supports you in deciding on the right combination of ingredients to achieve the desired taste and texture. We also provide an extensive clean-label portfolio for your convenience foods, ready-to-eat or precooked meals, soups and sauces.

From vegan, organic and plant-based, to high protein, the major themes dominating the food industry all impact product development for savoury products and meat alternatives. We work with you to create on-trend solutions that turn up the heat on the competition. 

Meet One of Our Savoury Experts

Our savoury solution experts work hand-in-hand with our partners to find the winning recipe that overcomes formulation challenges.

Katja Wilmes
Application Technologist
Food & Nutrition






Katja comments on Savoury consumer trends:


"We see significant growth in the demand for vegan and clean-label solutions, especially in savoury applications. Both trends are here to stay and have been challenging our customers when choosing the right ingredient for their applications. 


This is when a Savoury Expert steps in. At IMCD Food & Nutrition, we help our customers make the right choice by testing the functionality of our ingredients in various savoury applications and finding great ways to inspire with trend-driven developments."



Vegan Crab Balls

Our Savoury Sub-Segments

In the savoury and meat alternatives market, shoppers are looking for delicious, easy-to-consume and high-quality products that also deliver balanced nutrition.
Fish & Meat Alternatives
Meat & Poultry
Noodle & Pasta
Ready Meals
Sauces & Dressings
Soups & Bouillons
Spice Blends

Interested in learning more about the savoury solutions we offer? Contact us today and our local experts will reach out to you directly.

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