Inspiring Plant-Based Alternatives

Plant-Based market is booming

As consumers' aspirations for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle increase, the demand for natural, simple, and flexible diets drives the market to bring more vegetarian, vegan, and plant-based alternatives

The rapid market response

Beverage is responsible for 30% of product launches with a vegan and/or no animal products claim on pack*

*Mintel GNPD 2015-2019

Top 5 plant-based milk alternatives

Innova Market Insights data showed that soy milk accounted for a 30% share of global dairy alternative launches in 2018, with almond milk ranked second at 21%, coconut milk (14%), oat milk (10%), and rice milk (7%). Pea protein is also emerging as an attractive dairy alternative.

Your partner for plant-based dairy alternatives

In partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers, IMCD has solutions that enrich nutritional value, improves texture, and adds mouthfeel. Check out our concepts:

Caramalt Oat and Pea Protein 

This ready-to-drink dairy alternative fulfills the thirst of young generations to join the plant-based movement without compromising pleasure. The well-thought combination of ingredients provides a clean-tasting and stable formulation. Ideal to serve in a cup of coffee or together with a bowl of cereal.

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Instant Oat Drink Sugar Free and High Fiber 

This delicious, indulgent beverage caters to the rising thirst for immune-boosting benefits through gut health improvement without the usual presence of high sugar levels. Consumers can now enjoy the wonderful benefits of fibers in an easy to prepare format.

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Plant-Based Protein Beverage for Elderly

Nutritional supplementation among the elderly becomes a lifestyle routine due to the desire to delay the natural degression of the human body. A delicious form of daily supplementation is a drink rich in protein and containing essential nutrients to improve the body's performance.

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