IMCD Italy and BDC School work together to create a new educational project: IMCD Stem Lab


Using active learning techniques, this project aims to boost inclusivity and accessibility among the young students of today - tomorrow’s professionals.

Innovation, youth empowerment, activity-based, didactic laboratories:

these are the components of this project, which transforms education into an academic opportunity to put youngsters in direct contact with science and business.


IMCD Stem Lab, which officially launches in October and will be running throughout the school year of 2022/2023, is situated in the BDC International Bilingual School, and will be available to students of various age groups (from kindergarten to secondary school). The STEM laboratory will be structured to accommodate regular use by the students, who will have access to numerous activities (experiments and exercises in chemistry, biology, coding, didactic robotics and more). 


Part of BDC and IMCD’s shared mission includes the following objectives:

1. to encourage access to scientific training pathways for the female gender; 

2. to narrow the gap between the academic and research world to the professional one, while supporting gender equality.

Thanks to the dual parentage of this joint project conceived by IMCD and BDC School, teaching in a laboratory environment becomes active and engaging, and so boosts inclusivity, aiming to promote and stimulate more dynamic learning processes.
“I’m especially fond of this project, and not just because it embodies the shared values we actively promote within IMCD”, comments Marco Madeddu, CEO of IMCD Italy, “there is an urgent need for new talent with highly technical, scientific and industrial training, which is also supported by the Italian institutions. This growing demand represents the future for the coming generation of students who are beginning their studies and dreaming of a career in the technical-scientific world”.

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