Discover Chicken-Free Nuggets

A delicious plant-based chicken experience

Our Chicken-Free Nuggets was created to experience how plant-based meat alternatives are shaping tomorrow’s menu.

Market Insights
According to Innova Market Insights, West Europe has the strongest-growing market for meat alternatives in the world (9.9% value CAGR 2020-2022F). Among West Europeans, personal health and global sustainability are key drivers for consuming meat alternatives.

Consumers have become more aware of the impact of certain actions on their wellbeing and the power of healthy eating to deliver physical and mental benefits. Sixty one percent of consumers globally intent to increase their spending on health in the next 12 months (Innova Lifestyle and Attitudes Survey 2021).

However, today’s consumer has an awareness of the broader context when it comes to health and wellbeing. Increased awareness of the importance of managing climate change combined with greater engagement with social issues is impacting consumer choices towards more sustainable food and beverages.

As meat alternatives consumers are making their choices thinking about their wellbeing and the planet, the demand for meat alternatives is expected to increase, creating plenty of opportunities for innovation and growth.

Concept Highlights

Natural movement

Only the best natural and vegan chicken flavours to create that distinct chicken taste

100% Plant-based

A plant-based blend of ingredients that results in a springy and juicy chicken-like texture

Health boost

Nutri-score A, high in protein and a source of fibre