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Plant-Based Savoury Solutions

Get Inspired By Our Savoury Plant-Based Solutions

Fish, egg, and meat alternatives that will defy your senses

Vegan Sausage
Vegan sausage is an alternative choice for customers who are looking for a quick and easy-go plant-based product. The concept is a source of protein and fibre, as it is made with textured vegetable and pea protein and pea fibre. The ingredients also contribute to the sausage-like texture and its delicious taste. 
Vegan Beef Larb

Vegan option for an authentic Laotian taste. Meaty, juicy, and refreshing. This concept offers a vegan rendition of the Beef Larb, being made with textured pea protein together with a fat emulsion, it gives a fat-like mouthfeel with a heat twisty from the chili pepper. The use of appropriate flavours, yeast extract, and acids builds up the layers of savoury and tanginess required in this dish. 

Thai Chilli Plant-Based Tuna
An easy formulation with high-quality ingredients to mimic the properties of real tuna. The right fibrillated texturized protein gives the perfect texture. Flavours were also used to provide the ideal and remarkable fish notes. To not compromise its nutritional value, algal DHA - an Omega 3 fatty acid was added. A plant-based option that does not compromise on taste and nutrition.
Plant-Based Scrambled Eggs
This egg replacement concept can be available in two formats, either in powder or liquid to better attend to the customer needs. Both versions can be easily used for cooking, from the simple preparation of omelets to even baking cakes.