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New savoury solutions to enhance the flavour, colour, nutrition and, texture of your plant-based alternatives while being healthy and sustainable

The plant-based market is booming, drawing the whole world's attention, but no matter what the consumer requests are, we are always adding efforts to overcome the challenges bringing inspiring solutions

Discover the power of nature with Naturex portfolio

Natural Colours
Nature offers a full palette of bright and vibrant colors. With over 30 years of experience in the plant world, Naturex provides a holistic and unique approach for endless colour possibilities.

Natural Preservation Systems
Natural preservation solutions to extend shelf life while ensuring quality and safety. All plant-based ingredients developed with high expertise to deliver a clean label without compromising performance.

Natural Texturizers & Emulsifiers
A clean label functionality using oat and quillaia. Natural solution using oat oil with its strong emulsifying properties and oat flour with its thickening and water binding properties. Quillaia provides a foaming agent and emulsifier.

Nutrition Enhancement Ingredients
Naturex brings the best of nature to increase health, wellness, and nutrition. A selection of botanical extracts that helps in gain of energy, detox and digestion, immunity, beauty, and relaxation. 

Flavours & Flavouring Extracts
A wide variety of dry ingredients made from fruits, vegetables, and culinary staples for an unparalleled natural taste experience. Naturex offers a multitude of tastes, textures, and visual possibilities.

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