Sustainable Fabric Care Kit

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Discover the IMCD Sustainable Fabric Care Kit, your gateway to sustainable fabric care solutions. Together, we can create a cleaner, safer, and more circular future.

25ml Ultra Concentrate Laundry Detergent

This formulation, based on conventional surfactants like SLS, SLES and FAEO, makes use of highly engineered enzymes. ​

The launch of new protease and mannanase enzymes completes the new generation range, providing a never achieved level of stability in detergent systems without the addition of a stabiliser to either the molecules or the formulation, ensuring solid performance over the time. 
25ml EO-Free Ultra Concentrate Laundry Detergent

With the addition of Methyl Oleoyl Taurate and APG we have successfully made the formulation EO-free, and with the exception of the APG, all other surfactants are water-free. For a stable base low viscosity formulation, the addition of Glycerin, Bio-Ethanol, and Zemea was necessary. For improved performance, we added premium new generation enzymes - all of which are highly engineered and offer high stability without the addition of a stabiliser to the molecules or to the formulation​.
Water-Based Rain Repellent

Extensive studies helped our team to improve the chemistry of repellent formulations, and we are now able to offer an enhanced solution (with the optimum number of ingredients) that is free from PFAS, propellents and flammable labels, providing a sustainable application. Treating items with our rain repellent will save multiple resources. Not only will the items will be protected from moisture and aqueous soil, leading to a longer lifespan, but when considering the washing process, the reduction in the number of washing cycles also reduces the amount of energy and water required to clean the items.​

We developed our Liquid Laundry Concentrates and Water-Based Rain Repellent with the aim of positively contributing to the following areas:

Laundry Concentrates

We promote products that are developed using innovative biotechnological processes, such as the inherently stable enzymes recently launched by IFF.

On the consumer side, a flexible dosing system is promoting less overdosing. On the production side, these formulations are produced without heating, saving valuable resources.

Formulations performing at low temperatures will hopefully convince consumers to change their washing temperature - the parameter with the highest impact on CO2 emissions in the laundry process.
Highly concentrated formulations release less chemicals into waste water 

By choosing raw materials either from RSPO or Mass balanced origin, using by-products from existing processes like TOFA, and not competing with food cultures.

Water-Based Rain Repellent

Restoring the water repellence of an outdoor item prolongs the life of the item. Adding water repellence to fabrics means the item needs less frequent washing, saving valuable resources used in the washing cycle, and further prolonging the life of the item.
With this formulation we have replaced fluorocarbons (PFAS) which are recognised as dangerous cumulative chemicals for human and aquatic life.

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