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Clean and protect with our Home Care and Industrial and Institutional ingredients. From a healthy home to professional cleaning, we cover the full range of HI&I market segments. 

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IMCD offers innovative solutions for the following market segments:

Home Care

Our Home Care team supports customers that manufacture consumer products for cleaning, surface care and protection across a range of market segments:
Laundry OK

Products for fabric machine or handwash, both pre and post-treatment including liquids, powders, tablets, gel detergents, laundry aids and fabric conditioners.

Dish OK

Products for domestic hand or automatic dishwashing including liquids, tablets, gels and dishwashing aids.

Surface OK

Products used to clean, protect and freshen fixed surfaces or coverings, such as liquids, wipes, powders and aerosols for hard surface cleaners, surface protection and other specialist cleaning products.

Air OK

Air freshening or specialist products used to freshen, deodorise, fragrance, or create ambience, such as sprays, gels, tablets or candles.

Vehicle OK

Products for interior and exterior cleaning, freshening and polishing of domestic vehicles.

Industrial & Institutional Care

Our I&I business partners with customers that manufacture products for professional cleaning, alongside those using cleaning chemicals in industrial manufacturing processes. We cover the following segments:
Laundry NOT OK

Washing, conditioning and cleaning products used in commercial premises and on-site laundries.

Dish NOT

Automatic dishwashing and pre-soaking applications for use in restaurants and institutions.

Surface NOT

Professional cleaning and sanitising products involved in industrial and institutional facilities.


Professional air freshening products.

Vehicle NOT 

Products for the cleaning and surface protection of commercial vehicles.

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