Home care and i&I

Our Application Laboratories

Our global network of Home Care and I&I application laboratories are located in key locations to encourage collaboration with our partners and to create formulations driven by local market trends.

We work with you to co-create and discover cutting-edge solutions to help your business maintain a competitive edge.

We're here to provide you with formulation insights, guidance on how to enhance product efficiency, and reliable support to resolve any challenges you face. Our unique customer support includes lab sessions, seminars, workshops and application training.

Under the guidance of our technical team, our partners have the opportunity to actively participate in practical lab experiments to test the latest materials in our product portfolio.

How we can support you

We use our global network of  laboratories to combine formulation & application knowledge with the necessary equipment to test and evaluate different Home Care and I&I formulations.

Core competencies

  • Advice and formulation development
  • Laboratory support in all types of Home Care and I&I applications
  • Training centre for employees and customers

Major Equipment


  • Drop shape analyser 
  • Sheen machine
  • Single rinse apparatus
  • Minolta spectrometer
  • Climate room
  • Smoothness kit
  • Rotawash
  • Miele dishwashers
  • Miele washing machines

Example Tests


  • Soil release performance
  • Dye transfer inhibition
  • Colour maintenance
  • Textile impregnation
  • Foaming
  • IKW cleaning performance
  • Hydrophilicity
  • Plastic corrosion
  • Anti-pilling/Anti-greying

"Our global network of application laboratories act as a vital resource that allows us to work together to co-create solutions that elevate performance."

fanelie jaegle technical and marketing director home care and i and i



Fanélie Jaeglé
Technical and Marketing Director
Home Care and I&I

Application laboratories by region


Cologne, Germany
Milton Keynes, UK

 Asia Pacific

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Jakarta, Indonesia
Makati City, Philippines
Shah Alam, Malaysia 



Mexico City, Mexico
Sao Paulo, Brazil​




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