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The 2021 trends commentary, “Tomorrow’s Cleaner Living” is now available!

29 JUNE 2021

Exploring the evolution of trends that are shaping the future of the global cleaning industry in 2021 and beyond.

IMCD Home Care and I&I has been exploring the latest industry trends to bring you its essential guide to what is shaping the global cleaning industry today and in the future.

Supported by up-to-date market data, “Tomorrow’s Cleaner Living” provides in-depth analysis and expert commentary from IMCD's business and technical experts. The report examines global and local consumer behaviours, while illustrating how to respond to these trends and meet the market demand.

Sustaining a change

In a time of global health threats, rising social activism and a ranging climate crisis, it's time for every brand to stand up for what they believe.

Efficiency is everything

The pressure is on to achieve as much as we can in as little time as possible, with the least amount of effort. This is never more true than when addressing routine tasks like cleaning.

Home from home

As consumers start to enjoy the world outside of their homes again, the 'new normal' demands travel-friendly disinfectant and sterilisation solutions.

Cleaning for wellbeing

A clean and orderly home or workspace is essential to a sense of wellbeing. Consumers are cleaning more deeply and paying extra attention to different areas of the home.

“Tomorrow’s Cleaner Living” is intended to be an informative guide featuring analysis and insights from IMCD business and technical experts