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Get ready to uncover the trends that are revolutionising the Home Care and I&I market in APAC.


In our APAC trends commentary, our team of Home Care and I&I experts identify the market dynamics that will shape the future of the industry in the years ahead.

Discover the trends that are driving the industry as our team of experts from IMCD Home Care and I&I unravel ‘The Sustainability Equation’ and provide commentary on how to develop sustainable, future proof products that care about people and the planet.

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The Sustainability Equation

Tackling the Sustainability Premium

The entire industry is battling a desire to develop more sustainable products, against a tide of rising costs and consumers who are having to squeeze their cleaning budgets.

Formats for the Future

Increased innovation is required to develop new formulations and more sustainable product formats that will deliver the best results in a more sustainable way.

Responsible Raw Materials

Using the right ingredients in the right way provides an opportunity to reduce their ecological impact and, in turn, help to deliver a more sustainable end product.

Our team of experts will take you on a journey through the trends that are driving change, and show you how to develop cutting-edge, sustainable products that enhance both cleaning performance and wellbeing.