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PFAS-Free Water-Based Rain Repellent Webinar

Hosted by IMCD Home Care and I&I






6th February 2024


11am CET

Introducing the future of water and stain repellent formulations.

Join an exclusive webinar hosted by IMCD Home Care and I&I where our experts will be introducing their latest innovation – a brand new PFAS-Free Water-Based Rain Repellent! 

Join us and revolutionise your products with a sustainable, high-performance solution that is free from PFAS and propellants, and eliminates the need for flammable labels.

Our Home Care and l&l technical experts will be diving into the science behind their PFAS-Free Rain-Repellent, how extensive research enabled them to craft a formulation that enhances the chemistry of repellent solutions, and what applications it's suitable for. 

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In the meantime, you can discover more about the PFAS-Free Water-Based Rain Repellent, here.​

pfas-free water-based rain repellent

Our formulation is available on request